the girl in the afternoon (hornmafia) wrote in cheley_camp,
the girl in the afternoon


I decided that us cheley-folk needed a livejournal. and now that they're free... it's easy!

Just a quick bit of who i am before i go to bed:
I'm Gwyn,
I was in chipeta 98-99,
senior 2000-03 (CILT last summer)
(all 2nd term)
I was too lazy to do any patchwork, besides rifelry things, but i was a rider, more or less.

oh yeah, and i was one of the trumpeters at allcamp the past two years! that was fun.

ok, so if anyone stumbles on this community (as i hope people will!), i'd appreciate it if you'd tell your other cheley friends about this, and post an introduction-thing.
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